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Trademarks Lawyer :
A Trademark Lawyer is an attorney that specializes in the area of procuring trademarks and defending them. A trademark is a specific right to use a name, emblem, or brand and is very important in many retail aspects. Imagine if Coca Cola had not had a trademark in place and Pepsi came along and took their name. This could potentially cost the company millions in lost revenue as people bought Pepsi with the misconception they were buying Coca Cola. Trademark law is a very specialized practice in which most lawyers do not have a clue how to proceed. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that a Trademarks Lawyer is utilized, or at the very least, an intellectual property attorney, which focuses on, not only trademarks, but patents and copyrights as well. These attorneys will file the necessary paperwork to receive the trademark and also be used should anyone violate the trademark and use their name or emblem.

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