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Legal Malpractice Lawyer :
A Legal Malpractice Lawyer is an attorney that represents clients that are seeking damages against other attorneys for committing professional malpractice. The grounds for legal malpractice will vary by state, but are all closely linked. It may be difficult to find a general practitioner willing to represent you in a case of legal malpractice, especially if the attorney you are suing and the representing attorney are in the same general area. If this is the case, it is very likely the two attorneys know each other or have at least had contact. However, there are attorneys that specialize in legal malpractice. These attorneys often feel an obligation to keep legal standards high and do that by helping people receive adequate legal representation. These are tort attorneys and often receive their fees as a portion of the damages awarded, much like personal injury attorneys. However, some may require attorney's fees up front.

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