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Internet Lawyer :
An Internet Lawyer is an attorney that specializes in the intricacies of legal issues on the internet. This, of course, is a fairly new practice of law, because the internet is not long-standing. It is said that the internet takes all existing legal issues and somewhat skews them, causing everything to have a new twist. This "new twist" is what Internet Lawyers focus on. This may include identity theft, hacking, viruses, spam, and phishing issues - any conflict that internet may give way to is a potential area for an Internet Lawyer to be needed. The reasons for this are clear - many "regular" laws do not apply; this is a very specialized area of law that has not been around very long. However, for this same reason, Internet Lawyers are not the easiest to find. They may not be in rural areas at all and, even in populated areas, may be scarce. Luckily, you can always use the internet to find one in another area.

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