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Employment Law Lawyer :
An Employment Law Lawyer is an attorney that specializes in the complexities of hiring, firing, and maintaining employees. While it may not seem like there would be much to employment law, that is far from the case. Each state varies in the intricacies of this area of law. Some are called "right to work" states, which allow employment to cease for any reason, other than discrimination, without any explanation from the employer or employee. However, other states have very stringent requirements on how and why someone can be terminated. Employment Law Lawyers are used more often in these states, in which there are more grounds to fight a termination. However, there are also many more issues in regard to employment law, such as pay requirements, hours that can be worked, and breaks and lunch time regulations. There are also issues, such as injury on the job or advancements and promotions, that may also require the expertise of an Employment Law Lawyer.

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