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Divorce Lawyer :
A Divorce Lawyer is an attorney that specializes in dissolving marriages. These cases vary from simple to very complex, possibly involving a great deal of property or children. For very simple cases, it may not be necessary to hire an expensive, specialized Divorce Lawyer. However, if you are involved in a case in which children are involved, property, or retirement accounts, it may be a good idea to find someone you can place all of your trust. A Divorce Lawyer will usually be responsible for filing a case, or answering if the other side has already filed, negotiating details of settlement, and having an extensive hearing if an agreement cannot be reached. This is an area of law that is practiced by many, so you may be intimidated by the number of Divorce Lawyers available. If you are unsure, you can look to friends, relatives, or acquaintances for referrals, or speak to the State Bar in your state.

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