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DWI Lawyer :
A DWI Lawyer is an attorney that represents individuals that have been charged with "driving while intoxicated", a criminal offense. This is also sometimes referred to as a "DUI", or "driving under the influence". The actual terminology used varies by state. "Driving while intoxicated" may involve alcohol, as well as drugs, illegal and prescription, and other substances used to the extent of impairing one's ability to operate a vehicle, boat, or aircraft. Because of the increase in awareness of the effects of DWI, there are serious penalties for the offense. This is why a DWI Lawyer is essential in defending such a charge, because you are very likely to suffer severe consequences if found guilty. A DWI Lawyer will be very familiar with the specific requirements of laws as they apply to this charge and will be more likely to successfully defend a DWI charge over a general practitioner or attorney.

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