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DUI Lawyer :
A DUI Lawyer is an attorney that represents people that have been charged with the criminal offense of "driving under the influence". This can include the influence of alcohol, illegal substances, or prescription drugs that are not taken properly. The severity of a DUI offense often depends on the state you are in and the number of offenses you have had. The first offense may very well only be a misdemeanor, but subsequent offenses will usually result in more severe penalties, such as significant time in jail, fines, and the loss of your driver's license. The existence of a DUI on your driving record may potentially be very harmful, affecting your ability to get certain jobs as well as automobile insurance. For this reason, having a good DUI Lawyer if you are charged with this offense is imperative. It is possible to walk away from a DUI with very little ill effect, under the right circumstances and with a good lawyer.

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