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Criminal Defense Lawyer :
A Criminal Defense Lawyer is one that offers representation to people that have been charged with a criminal offense. Such an offense may be serious, such as a felony, or less severe, such as a misdemeanor. The specific details of what constitutes a criminal act will vary by state, as well as the punishments for each offense. Many Criminal Defense Lawyers will represent clients without hardly ever going to trial, as many clients will choose to accept a plea bargain, or accept a guilty verdict in turn for a more lenient form of punishment. However, other Criminal Defense Lawyers will be more than qualified to represent a client in a trial. This small detail is vital in choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer. If someone is planning to fight a criminal charge, they will need a trial lawyer. Just because someone has a juris doctorate or law degree does not mean they are a trial lawyer. You should choose someone with a great deal of experience in front of judges and juries.

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