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Brain Injury Lawyer :
A Brain Injury Lawyer is a personal injury attorney that focuses on injuries of the brain. This may be from medical malpractice or an external injury involving negligence or other liability. Brain injuries have a wide range of possible damage, from a simple contusion to extensive hemorrhaging and nerve damage. With such a complex injury, it helps to have someone that is familiar with the specific characteristics applicable to this kind of case. This is especially necessary with a severe brain injury and may be less so with less serious cases. There are injuries that may require a lifetime of specialized care; in such as case, a Brain Injury Lawyer will be more familiar with expenses associated with such an injury, pain and suffering allowances, and other details specific to the success of such a case. A non-specialized personal injury attorney may be less familiar with the complexities of a brain injury and, for that reason, be unaware of certain damages.

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